Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Axe the Tax

Of course, most people are against the Liberal government's new carbon tax.


You think?

What part of stupid don't you get, Gord?

Vaughn Palmer informs us that instead of re-thinking this self-destructive move, the Preem has allocated "tens of millions of dollars" for PR.

That would be tens of millions of your tax dollars to sell you on the hugely mistaken idea that what you need is another tax slapped on top of your buck fifty a litre gas bill.

When Stephen Harper calls Dion's proposed carbon tax "insane," it a a rare and refreshingly welcome instance of a politician speaking clearly.

If Carole James cannot make hay and votes out of this miscalculation, she needs to find a replacement pronto.


al gordo said...

If you have seen Gordon give a speech lately, he looks like he has been to the Al Gore School of Climate Change Evangelists.
That's fine in private life, but not as our Premier.

Light Rail Guy said...

Gordon Campbell is not just arrogant, he is malignant and like all malignant tumors, he will destroy everything in its path.

Gordo suffers from such delusional ideas, he thinks he is not just smarter than the rest of the 'punters'; but he thinks he's brilliant.

He very well be remembered as the Premier who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and lost to an inept wet noodle as well.

Gos where do we get such inept politicians?

Anonymous said...

What is worse? an inept wet noodle running things, or an arrogant out of touch DOUCHE!