Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GUess What?

For Immediate Release

Investing Insight from Adrian Mastracci, Portfolio Manager

“Oil is the story"

Vancouver, BC (June 18, 2008):


Oil affects the production of practically all goods and services.

Oil affects the transportation and delivery of those goods and services.

Oil prices have doubled in the last twelve months.

Oil takes a bigger byte out of every consumer pocket.

Oil is a top headline grabber in all media outlets, every day.

Oil can affect the global economy more than the real estate recession, subprime fiasco and interest rates.

Oil moving higher than $150 per barrel can inflict a nasty market pop to the downside.

Oil moving closer to $100 per barrel can deliver a welcomed market pop to the upside.

Oil is a major headwind to be reckoned with.

Oil is clearly driving the bus all over the world.

Oil is firmly in charge.

Oil is king of our times.

Oil is the story.

I welcome your questions.


Adrian Mastracci
Portfolio Manager, R.F.P.

KCM Wealth Management Inc.
Fee-Only" Portfolio Managers & Financial Advisors
Suite 1500, Box 1078, 885 West Georgia Street

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Doubtful said...

Adrian, please send a copy to the bumpkins Campbell and Taylor, they seem to be under the impression that fuel is too cheap.