Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Letters, We Get Letters

There were two marvelously entertaining letters to the editor in this morning's Sun.

The first is from a Burnaby resident who wants more recognition for Mayor Sullivan for all the great work he has done.

Her insight (insite?) is that Sullivan couldn't really find the time and energy to work on his campaign because "he was working on city business from morning to night."


Obviously, this writer has rented from a different video shop than the rest of us.

In the smarmy little bad-taste comedy the rest of us have been watching these past two and a half years, exactly the opposite happened. The mayor rarely worked on city business and was, from day one, focused entirely on re-election.

Never forget the old adage, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."

The second letter is a beautifully written piece skewering both Bard on the Beach's current offering of "King Lear," and Sun theatre critic Peter Birnie's review.

Birnie is a pleasant and warm and charming fellow.

What he knows about theatre could be put in a pin cushion and leave room for several epics.

Bard Artistic Director, Christopher Gaze, is an even more pleasant warm and charming fellow. Furthermore, he deserves immense credit for building the most successful theatre in Canada. Full houses, almost no governments hand outs.

But in this lifetime, Gaze is not going to give us a Lear worth watching. In the great Shakespearean comedic roles, he is delightful. But he is simply too nice a fellow to ever truly deliver the anger or angst that must spew naturally forth from Richard or Shylock or Lear.

Craig McGuire's letter, called "Bard's King Lear a Pudding," can be read here.

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