Saturday, September 20, 2008

All the Honorable Gentlemen

"You have feces and urine and blood on walls, you have garbage that piles up, you have mattresses, people are living there," said Greater Victoria board of education trustee Peg Orcherton.She said discarded needles at Victoria high school are also a big concern. Orcherton said the problem has existed since she was first elected six years ago, but was never as bad as it is now."

Story about Victoria schools in this morning's Sun.

The raging success of Harm Seduction continues at a steady pace.

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Anonymous said...

David, this sounds like more than a 'drug' problem, but a management and school board problem.

Excuse me, what organization would let garbage, mattresses, and needles pile up at schools? Obviously the Victoria School Board. No night patrols?, don't they call the police?

I'm sorry, but I feel that the VSB is grossly incompetent!