Saturday, September 20, 2008

Leadership & Hospitality - BC's Finest

The news that a museum in sunny downtown enlightened Prince Rupert has barred an American visitor and his motorized wheelchair is way beyond appalling.

The museum has its excuses and reasons and they are all shoddy beyond understanding.

Please tell me these ghouls will be fired.

Please let us citizens of BC fly this fellow back and give him a personal tour of the museum and fotos of the previous administration in jail or living on the streets.


Anonymous said...

There maybe valid reasons for this, including the aisle-ways are to narrow etc.

The Newcastle metro system has now banned, motorized invalid scooters from their metro system. It transpired many impatient scooter types rammed the plug doors of the metro train to get off, damaging the train, so much so it was unsurvicable. the final straw came when a scooter operator rammed the door and fell off the train just prior to a station!

A personal note, I was run from behind down by a very stout lady driving one of these things on a side walk. No warning, no horn or bell, but a wham get out of my way.

Said lady was astonished that I complained loudly and stated "that she had the right of way because she was in a scooter". I attempted to get her name and address because I was injured, she just scooted off at full tilt.

A call to the local constabulary informed me she was a well know hit and run scooter driver (at least two complaints a week) but because she was an invalid, every one was afraid to take her scooter away!

Before we condemn the museum, I believe more information is needed before we write abuse about them.

monty said...

Send a message to Gordo. Dealing with goons is his thing.