Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Bailout

The bailout.

One Trillion Dollars.



Nice cocktail.

The illusion of American Capitalism and it's revulsion with the very word "socialism" is exposed.

Necessary? The world markets might collapse.

Hideous? You and I won't get bailed out of our puny mistakes in judgement.

You tell me. This is a huge subject requiring days of discussion and enquiry.

Good luck to us all.


Anonymous said...

And the CEOs are laughing all the way to their offshore banks to deposit their hundred million dollar salaries in tax free havens. Sheeesh!

Anonymous said...

George Bush's lasting legacy will be his multibillon dollar program to nationalize the US banks and insurance companies!!!

Who woulda thunk it?

MurdocK said...

No David, this is not a subject requiring days of inquiry.

It requires a continuous lifetime.

Something that the US administration has less and less of...continuity.

The response has occurred the way it did because the FED rules over the US currency. The FED is not ready to have a market collapse ... yet.

I expect the 'other shoe' to drop and a worldwide market crash to happen sometime in the next decade, it will happen only when the board at the FED is ready. Once it does happen then the real push for hot WAR will begin. If we think we are hearing war drums now...they will be painful in the weeks before the crash and unbearable immediately afterwards.

Anonymous said...

big sell-off Friday October 3rd.

monty said...

Hey there, David. It's MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE again! (aka Bonfire of the Vanities) The US came so precipitously close to total disaster this week that those Dems & the other group are working all weekend in the hopes of stalling off a total collapse.

And local fool Michael Campbell (he of so little comrehension about anything) is there on the noon news laughing! So the Toronto market had a good day---he missed the point of the week. Just for fun I called Global's viewer comment line and suggested he be fired.

Hope you will do a column on Bobbit Abbott & suicidal drugs. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Further proof that Free Enterprise is dead; that the West's concept of private corporations and private Enterprise is dead. Socialism dies 20 years back and now Free Enterprise is dead today, what is next on the horizon?

My we live in interesting times.

Elizabeth Rains said...

The bailout also means severe inflation to come. --Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)introduced an Uptick Rule in 1938 to prevent concentrated short selling (Bear Raids) of stocks.
The Uptick Rule remained in place until 06 July 2007, and it's removal has led to the precipitous fall of American financial companie's shares.
The person behind the removal of the Uptick Rule was the CEO of the now bankrupt Lehman Brothers.
The mother of all ironies.