Saturday, September 20, 2008

What were they thinking?

I have been looking in vain for over a week now for lawn signs advising me of whom my NDP candidate might be.

They must have all gone up in smoke.

Turns out he's the second pothead the party has had to ditch.

Nice. Thorough. Thoughtful.

This is the best we can do?


Anonymous said...

It just maybe that there is more media attention (to dig dirt) given to NDP candidates than the rest. The Libs and the Cons had better be careful, for one day the media may dig dirt on their dubious candidates and political Friends.

Sadly, politics and politicians attract 'dirty drug' money and the bag-men seldom ask if it is 'honest' money.

I know of one now semi retired drug dealer (went to school with him - a real family guy) who is a big wig in politics. No one dares cross him, unless one ponders a future being crab bait or part of the RAV Line. When he asks me to attend one of his political 'rubber chicken' events, I always politely decline.

Sad fact is, every knows this gentleman is dirty, but everyone wants to hob-nob and be seen with is powerful friends. Maybe one of their daughters will marry into the clan.

Twas ever thus!

MurdocK said...

The quality of candidates in all parties has been diminishing.

I personally believe that it is due to an erosion of "Citizenship", which is likely to go the same way "Chivalry" did in the 16th Century...

Anonymous said...

these are the people we put our trust to run our lives.

Martin the Ridiculous said...

For half a second, I was considering voting NDP due to the integrity of their leaders and their candidates.

I would have respected them more if the potheads had just stayed in the race.

Green Party, anyone?

monty said...

So, what about that Conservative candidate in central BC whose nude photos appeared on TV last night. She claims someone stole the picture. How stupid could she be to have this kind of crap on her computer? She claims her husband took the picture--porn anyone?