Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just call me "LIbel."

On April 5th, I posted an item called Triangulation. It was about the strange confluence of people who just happen to know and see each other a lot. Their names are Gordon Campbell, Patrick Kinsella, David MacLean and Martyn Brown.

CN Rail, BC Rail and a few other small considerations play somewhere in this mystery.

This morning I learn that Kinsella is threatening to sue Carole James and her posse for defamation.

Apparently the NDP have been asking difficult questions about these very same confusions.

Of course, so has every columnist and broadcaster worth his salt.

Kinsella is perfectly right, of course, to defend and protect his reputation.

But shooting the messenger is the oldest tactic in the book.

Real information from Kinsella would be much more re-assuring, but no one is holding his breath.


Anonymous said...

Picture is worth a thousand protests......

And - insert Maui Mugshot here...

Mr. broken moral compass himself has the nerve to comment on ethics....

“It’s part of his public life and people will judge him according to that”

Gordon Campbell
Globe and Mail.
Campbell called into question the judgment of an NDP candidate who resigned over racy pictures on facebook.

"When you decide you're going to run for public office and you put as part of your communications material pictures like that, I think that's got to call into question, No. 1, your judgment and, No. 2, that the candidate decided he was going to make that part of his public life," Mr. Campbell said, while campaigning at the Peace Arch border crossing yesterday.
"I don't care about his private life. When he decides to make it public, it's part of his public life and people will judge him according to that."

Anonymous said...


Have you posted on the STV system? I would be interested to know your opinion on this subject.