Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who Buys Retail?

Mountain Equipment Co-op, where people who never leave their neighbourhoods can buy North Face jackets to keep themselves warm over lattes, will have an interesting AGM next week.

It is strongly rumored that some one or two will table a resolution to boycott Israeli products.

BC Teachers for Global Peace and Education has been cited as a possible supporter of such a resolution. (I'm still waiting for BC Teachers for Teaching English and Math Skills That'll Pass Muster in First year University.)

The Company will most likely ignore this move and continue to sell Israeli underwear. Oy vay!

Our battles are ever so civil, don't you know?

Is that the brown sugar on your table?


Anonymous said...

Last year I had the retina in my left eye repaired with a laser machine made in Israel.
Would this BC Teacher group boycott any Israeli made medical devices and drugs, should they end up in hospital?

David in North Burnaby BC said...

The BCTF is out of control and must be dealt with. Its too bad Gordie Campbell is a gutless bully boy who backs down from a real fight because he had a chance to break that monster ("Do a Reagan on them") and of course, jammed out.
At this rate, soon we'll be having Judenhaas 101 mandatory for graduation. >:<