Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Taser Murder

"The RCMP has admitted that it gave wrong information to the public about the circumstances of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski's death. But the force has denied that it lied or suppressed information about the disturbing circumstances of Mr. Dziekanski's death."

Among the highlights of this enormously helpful update is this:

"Sgt. Lemaitre also told reporters in October, 2007, that police tasered Mr. Dziekanski twice, when in fact at least four shocks were delivered. And in another news briefing that month, Sgt. Lemaitre told a reporter there was no video of the event, even though he had already viewed it."

Misinformation, yes.

Lying, no.


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Norman Farrell said...

If Smith identifies himself to the constabulary as Jones, no harm, no foul under these new rules.

He wasn't lying. He was misinformed.

sorry for shouting, but ... said...

From what I read in The Province this morning, Lemaitre was told what (lies) to say by the Integrated Homicide Investigations Team.

Lemaitre wasn't present during the Tasering, so there is NO WAY he knew the real truth. He only knew what he was told, and LIKE THE GOOD COP HE IS, he trusted his superior officers.

Personally, I continue to believe SOMETHING ELSE WAS HAPPENING HERE and the only new revelation to today's news - the fact of IHIT's involvement - only deepens the mystery.

mike macdonald said...

Seems word of the month is:


Anonymous said...

RCMP. Imagine the force that they would have needed to employ had that man had a real weapon like a knife.

If a bostich stapler equals death then a knife would have meant death by dismemberment.