Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Soldiers and mounties defending our right to luge in freedom will bunk down on cruise ships during The Big Party.


$56 Million.

Gordon Campbell and George Abbott have announced that the 5,000 care beds they originally announced - and never came remotely near to providing - were actually a semantic error.

It's all in the word, you see.


Norman Farrell said...

Who makes decisions on security. Can anyone say, "Stop?" Dare anyone say, "Stop, you spend too much?"

The RCMP, in particular, is dishonored and untrustworthy. Yet, we give this paramilitary that refuses accountability, a blank cheque to protect us from what?

Who threatens us? Were is the billion dollars for security going? Is the overtime gravy train already running for the people who control the purse strings? Are hundreds or thousands of new taser weapons, or armored vehicles and tanks, hidden out of sight?

There is a spending party going on. The taxpayer is victimized again.

Norman Farrell said...

By the way, the number is elsewhere reported as $76 million.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Careful, Elmer, don't fall into that steaming pile of fresh semantic error there, boy.

Anonymous said...

As much as I despise and hate the whole olympdick experience once you get the "games" you had better be prepared in this day and age to spend and do whatever it takes to make the "games" safe. So I really dont care what the budget to keep the people of the lower mainland safe runs up to. I dont care if the city looks like a war games exercise.

As questionable as the claims that the "games" are good for Vancouver there is no doubt that an act of terrorism would hurt our reputation as a place to visit for years to come.

We should have NEVER got involved with this party for the rich and famous but now that we have if it costs 1 or 2 billion to make them safe so be it. Is it to late to add a security surcharge to every ticket to every event Just think every ticket with a $1000 surcharge.