Monday, October 26, 2009

Boring and Irresponsible

There is only one thing of interest in the front section of today's Globe and Mail.

It is this.

Not one, not two, but three whole pages of ads from the CBC.

How much did that cost?

Of taxpayers money.

To let us know that Peter Mansbridge had a poo. That Peter Mansbridge popped a pelican. That Peter Mansbridge played the piano in pindergarten.

Has anyone noticed?

The CBC is a corrupt organization.

It is valuable and necessary, but it is a mess and it spends our money in the worst ways unimaginable.


Jeff Taylor said...

One of my biggest problems I have with the CBC for many years now (and still do even though I've moved to Toronto) is how Toronto centred it is. The last time I checked, tax money that goes into the CBC, comes from tax payers that are located from Coast to Coast - NOT just from Southern Ontario ! Look at the Leaf broadcasts beamed all across the country even though they haven't actually won anything since 1967. Even the Canucks have been to the Finals twice since then. I sometimes watch the National. They have their "At Issue" panel where there's 3 talking heads chatting with the host about all things political. EVERY single time the 3 of them are from Toronto or 2 in Toronto and the 3rd one from Toronto but speaking from Montreal. Too funny. What about the West ? What about the East coast ? And just as important, what about the tax money from those regions of Canada ?

Tony Wade said...

If you think the CBC is bad, try the BBC here in England, but multiply the money by 100.
The Beeb used to be the best in the world; they are now laughably corrupt.