Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Not Paying...So There!

Catalyst Paper Corp has withheld about $17-million in taxes from four B.C. town's where its mills are located: Powell River, Campbell River, Port Alberni and North Cowichan.

Another company, Celgar, refused to pay its $3.6 million in property taxes this year and instead filed a petition in B.C. Supreme Court asking for a judicial review of the town's tax rates, where it operates in Castlegar.

Pretty cheeky for a company that has just been given...wait for it...$57.7 million in bail-out money from the federal government.


A) I don't get federal bail-out money. Do you?

B) If I refused to pay my taxes, RevCan would first seize my home and car and first born and then throw me in jail.

Double standard to go with your double-double this morning?


Anonymous said...

VANOC's Olympics just shows what an ignorant mean spirited little burg we are.

First, let's stop all traffic so the Olympic Elites can have no gridlock.

Prem gordo invites native Children to sing at the Olympic opening, so they raise money and practice for a year, but hey - Gordo didn't mean it.

And now some elderly Olympic gold medal winners have been ignored.

This is real class, this is the class that Vancouver's mainstream media supports.

I'm afraid the Olympics are to 'Gordo the Great' as were the Munich Olympics were to that nasty little Austrian chap in 1936.

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

David, a short story about these paper companies.

They drive trucking rates into the basement. They simply run from one carrier to another threatening to move buisness to the cheaper carrier.Competition? Maybe. But the carriers pay their trucks by the load so as the rates go down the truckers try to move an extra load in order to make ends meet.
Add to this the Port of Vancouver handing out Port Trucking Licenses like candy and the end result is as follows.

Truckers drive faster and they have accidents. Most common are roll overs. I only hope that when the next truck rolls over the car underneath has Port officials or paper company owners not a young family on board.