Monday, October 26, 2009


There was a time for a few seasons there when the phrase "on any given Sunday," really meant something in the NFL.

Now, what've we got?

35-7, 42-6, 37-7, 38-0...

Getting the picture?

And that was just yesterday. A week or so back, there was 58-0 for the Patriots over somebody.

Vat da heck?

Now, we're watching a handful of elite teams who seem to have their way with the patsies as they will. That would be your New Englands, your Colts, Saints, Broncos and Vikings - unless they're playing a real team, like the Steelers.

And the bottom of the heap?

Well, they have never been so bottomed.

Looking up at a far away sky from a very deep well indeed are the Raiders, the Browns (Have the Browns ever had a winning season after color TV?), the not-so-Titans (Who were 13-3 last year!), St. Louis, Kansas City and Tampa Bay.

We're talking big zeros in the in column after seven weekends.

Other than Oakland, where the 90-year old (at least!) and completely nutty Al Davis has been systematically destroying a once storied franchise for about a decade now, who can explain the new layout?

Not me.

And confession:

In a perverse way, it is kind of fun to see the occasional blow-out.

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