Monday, October 26, 2009


So you won a gold medal for your country way back when.

Big deal.

Get lost, Sister!

Last week we saw John Furlong crying croc tears on the front pages about how the Olympics was helping humanity.


Well, he's not helping athletes who competed and triumphed for Canada.

No invites, no tix.

Read it and kack.

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Anonymous said...

David: I thought perhaps you would be writing about this bit of nonsense: "Ross Rebagliati to seek Liberal nomination in B.C."

I love that Rebagliati has always maintained the traces of marijuana in his system were the result of second-hand smoke (not that I actually care that he smoked pot, but really). All things considered though, he should do well in politics.


Jeff Taylor said...

Sickening reading that story. This is actually another example of how are society treats the elderly. People that built our country, served our country, and so often still to this day speak well of our country and yet they get crapped on with cutbacks, and non invitations to events, etc. I'm almost 45 years old myself and I often dread my future down the road when I'm in my 60's and beyond. It's often said that a society should be judged on how we treat our young. How about how we treat our elderly ?

Anonymous said...

If he doesn't believe previous Olympic athletes deserve to attend the 2010 Olympics, then he's a lying shithead when he says it's about the athletes. Yeah, that's if you're a young athlete with big boobs and tight buns that will pull in young audiences. Please look closer at this issue, David. It actually smacks of being a clear case of ageism. It's the same reason why theatres are full of teenagers and why all the ads on TV are aimed at youth. It's ageism through and through.