Friday, November 13, 2009

Correctness Uber Alles

I must be showing my true colors.

Two stories with similar trajectories have got my morning goat.

1. An Islamic radical is shot and killed by the FBI in America. Days later, two Canadian associates are arrested in their homes by Windsor police.

But wouldn't you know it, those gnarly officers patted down a number of people during the arrest, including, stand back, a female relative of the suspects.

As these things go, the Windsor Police Chief has now made a formal and public apology and set up new officer "sensitivity" training in conjunction with the local Islamic Association.

Write your own commentary.

2. People bring their relatives to Canada under the family class program. Many of these reunifications work out just fine for all concerned.

But many of theses relatives are quickly and mysteriously destitute. They are suddenly on the dole and the relatives who sponsored them and swore that they would support them so I don't have to now claim they cannot.

The Ontario government has asked that some of these monies be repayed by people who promised in the first instance to do exactly that.

But, no.

Now, these people have sued the Ontario government and thanks to Ontario courts, they have won. Ontario cannot ask to be repayed, at least en masse. The government must pursue each niggly case on its own.

The key element here is that the sponsors have claimed that circumstances - ill health, for example - have made it impossible for them to honor their commitments.

I suggest that they are liars.

I suggest that Canada is known with great good humour in Third World countries as a famous patsy. That we are soft in the head and softer in the heart.

Why not demand a surety or some other bond that can be called in if necessary?


Jeff Taylor said...

In my humble opinion, Canada has gone so far down the 'political correct road' that there's no turning back. Never a week goes by where don't read, listening or watch a news story containing some element of completely GOOFY Canadian policy that goes against any common sense. I used to think Canada got it right and counties like France had it all wrong. Boy, am I ever the one that had it all wrong.

Dave C. said...


Posting bonds and garnisheeing wages are established legal procedures for ensuring compliance with Canadian laws. Rather than fret about offending someone new to our country, maybe it's time to recognize that cynical disregard for our generosity is offensive and disrespectful and will not be tolerated. Time for push back!

Dave C.

Anonymous said...

David,look at the terrorist arrested at the Douglas crossing. He told customs he had 10 grand. When they searched they found
80 thousand in cash
800 thousand in gold
A ring with islamic terrorist logo
dvds of the 9/11 attack

I think we have released him with an apology.

We have lost our minds