Friday, November 13, 2009


There many things in the affairs of man that I don't understand.

Here is one.

A fire destroys five businesses at Main and Broadway.


That's news.

I'll see it on the 6 o'clock, I'll read about in the paper the next morning. O.K. I get it.

But why do we seek out and print the opinions of politicians?

It's a fire.

What have that gadfly, Jim Green, and that councillor Geoff Meggs got to do with this? What light can these two spotlight seekers shed on a fire?

Unless you're wearing a helmet and a fire-retardant suit, asbestos you shut the f up.


Anonymous said...

We're they rubbing their hands with glee, thinking about all that redevelopment potential?

Jeff Taylor said...

Good old Jim Green - a true political whore if I've ever seen one !

Anonymous said...

Jim Green, oh yeah, that failed Vancouver mayoralty candidate and constant Bill Boring guest is great waste of time.

Jim Green is the great DTES expert, such an expert that nothing has changed.

Please no more Jim Green or for that matter any Vancouver politician. As you said earlier Vancouver is a B-Grade movie.

Evil Eye

Norman Farrell said...

"Jim Green is the great DTES expert, such an expert that nothing has changed."

Correct. He's done his job well. Like other higher purpose persons, change is not the goal. Empire preservation is the goal.