Friday, November 13, 2009

September Song

Lately it seems that every restaurant and cafe I'm in seems to be playing Sinatra.

This is hardly a complaint. I am grateful.

These days, I find myself marvelling again and again at just how good, how great he was.

Totally committed to every note and every nuance of meaning.

Here is one of the first songs I ever learned.

My mother who favoured Chopin etudes and little Mozart piece on the upright piano in our living room loved this Kurt Weill Maxwell Anderson tune, and I would rock back and forth on the sofa while she played it.

It is not "embedded" on YouTube, but here is the link.

Enjoy at the deepest possible level....Sink into it. Swim in it.

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Jeff Taylor said...

Sinatra was in a class not many others were ever in. In these days of money & fame meaning more than art & music, it's always refreshing seeing or hearing a clip of someone as great as a Sinatra. I personal long for the days when record companies signed an act and stuck with them until they produced some great material. Now, those same companies give an act about a year to 'strike it rich' or they're released, never to be heard from again.
On the topic of music, I recently started to shop for a turntable - the first time in nearly 20 years !
I miss records more than I thought I did, especially whenever I find myself in a used record shop (and even HMV is carrying records again) holding onto a great old record dreaming of the great days of music.