Thursday, December 31, 2009

Detestable Meddling

They are young. They are dedicated. They are Caring, with a capital C.

And I'd like to lasso them and put them on an ice flow (if such still exist) until they learn better or an endangered polar bear eats them.

They are the "helpers" who, in the absence of a needle exchange haunt with a street address, ride around Victoria on bicycles giving addicts clean needles and fresh crack pipe kits. How ecological! How Gregor!

These sisters of charity are delusional and monstrously destructive.

"There's not much time for support and education" says one of the official creeps who perpetrates this public crime.

Get serious.

Support and education was never in the deal. There have never been any intentions headed in that direction. It's all and only about Harm Production.

Victoria's Mayor at least has some very small shard of connection to reality. He admits that needle exchange places attract "dealers, conflicts and filth."

He is right.

But get this.

Treatment centres like Portage in Keremeos, Welcome Home in Surrey and BHF in Winnipeg DO NOT ATTRACT DEALERS, CONFLICT AND FILTH, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL ABOUT GETTING PEOPLE CLEAN AND SOBER.

Meanwhile, these idiots in Victoria are sending out guerrilla teams of harm seduction workers to help addicts shoot up or light up as safely as possible.

"As safely as possible????"

No such thing.

What could be called safe about shooting up or smoking up?

This is do-gooding in its ugliest form.

All concerned should be arrested for public mischief.


Anonymous said...

Put them on an ice floe, eh? Well, a wiser people did that long before when they ceased to be a benefit to their community. Those communities thrived for millennia. Sadly, I don't think the shit being spewed by these 'helpers' will enable any community to thrive. Methinks they can take a lesson from the old folk and jump on an ice floe before they hurt anyone else.

Gary L. said...

As a paid up Member in good standing of the Friends Of The Ice Flows, I don't want them on any ice flow.
Placed in an extinct volcano though raises possibilities!


Gerry Verrier said...

What I really struggle with is the idea that the term "harm reduction" only applies to the work being done where you don't expect addicts to stop using. So for those of us who do provide excellent care and plenty of compassion but expect addicts to stop using are left out of the loop as if to suggest that we are not working towards the same goals of reducing use and associated crime and harms? Does anyone want to discuss ideology??? I just can't get my head around that.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this picture is how it all starts in the first place. Drug dealing and dependancy starts with children. Yes children. They are the entry level children who are mules, dealers, etc. who are UNTOUCHABLE under Canada's present laws. These children are the understudies for future criminal activity. Boys deal for the 'toys' that they could never have with a legitimate job. Girls are just the 'meat' for prostitution through the boys with toys. It is interesting that the politicians of Canada can not see the smoke, fire or even death caused by the lack of laws to deal with child criminality. One can always count on the "see no evil etc etc" crowd in government to take the easy way out on this problem. So the under eighteen child 'criminal' get a free pass to learn the trade of drug dealing. Education? Hey 'blame' the schools for not doing enough to help the problem. These morons don't know that is where it all starts in the first place. If the power elite of Canada really want to make progress in this drug problem children have to be taught that drug dealing is not only a crime but there are consequences as well. Now to hear from the crowd that believe appeasing, abetting and forgiving criminal activity is the way to go with this problem

Anonymous said...

No comment necessary, really. I think you have done a good job defining yourself. Good luck with whatever helpful projects you turn your mind to.