Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dick Tater

Hi Kids.

My name is Dick Tater.

I'm the president and CEO of a really big vacant lot called Canada.

I used to be called Steve, but that handle just didn't cut it.

Lately, the court jesters have really been putting me off.

They want to see if we're being mean to prisoners in the castle dungeons and such.

Come on, Man! There effing prisoners!

And the Chamber of Cardinals - well, we call it here The Senate, just for show, you know - well, the Chamber had a few too many suspicious characters in it.

So what with all this messy fuss and folks wanting to talk - they gussy it up be calling it "debate the issues" or something - so with all this crap swirling round, I've just cancelled the whole bloody show for a while.

The stool pigeons call it "proroguing" or something and they've got their skivvies all in a knot about shutting down democracy - whatever that's supposed to be - while I re-jig the whole works.

Like, I can sneak a few of my sidekicks into the Chamber while everybody's scarfing down the turkey and catching the puck in the corners, you know?

One of the local broadsheets - I think they call themselves The Globe...ha! talk about delusions of grandeur - they put an editorial on their front page this morning called "Democracy Diminished."

Boy, they should be glad I'm giving them something to write about. You're welcome!

Anyhoo, kids...see you in March.

I've got some Games to check out and a bit of ice fishing and whatnot to fit in.

And, by the way...

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I think they should suspend Parliaments pay for two months as well.

As if any proof were needed, Canada is on the verge of dictatorship, where the law of the land is suspended at the whim of the Prime Minister.

In the past, in more astute countries, people died for freedom, in this vacant lot once named Canada, people shrug and do nothing.

Canada is no longer a country and its inhabitants are no longer citizens. We are serfs who live or die at the behest for the ruling elite.

Evil Eye

Ice Pirates of the Rideau said...

The pro-rogue parliament suits some people's purposes, just fine!

Anonymous said...

I am kind of glad it is prorogued. Maybe the MPs will take an opportunity to get in touch with us little folk for once and listen to our take on issues of importance. Or am I just being delusional too??

Right now, unfortunately, a break may be what is needed. We have no real leader anyway...a time for everyone to cool their jets may be beneficial for all, though not really desired by the masses. Hopefully someone will come up with a plan that we can all get behind and begin moving forward again. To get that plan, I again hopefully suggest that maybe they will talk to us and listen. Here's to hoping for a more meaningful and productive 2010.

Please God, we need leaders we can stand behind. Santa has forgotten us...can you help?


Jeff Taylor said...

Yeah and I'm sooooo sure if Iggy or Jack were running things, everything would be perfect - we'd be broke and corrupted- but other-wise everything would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff Taylor.... We're broke and if you haven't noticed corrupted now...
God forbid if the soulless neorepliconservatives should ever get a majority...I shudder to think what this country would become then,but I know it would be a very dark place.


Gerry Verrier said...

So Jeff, do you agree with the idea of proroguing government for the benefit of the ruling party?

Jeff Taylor said...

Seems that my Iggy and Jack comment hit a few nerves. Tell you what I do want. I want a Govt and a Govt leader that doesn't play the same kind of cheap politics that the federal Liberal party ( and to a lesser degree the federal NDP party) has done with everything from body bags sent to reserves, to H1NI shots, to EI benefits, to one day saying bail outs are good then the next saying they are not. Iggy, Jack, for heaven sakes, make up your minds and at least stay focused and pretend to believe in everything you say.

Anonymous said...

The cold hard hand of the Fascist Harper is drooling at a majority so he can sell Canada down the river like Campbell has done in BC.

There is a malignant evil in Harper's government and like Pandora's box, waiting to be opened.

What is tragic is both Iggy and Layton are prisoner's; held captive by two corrupt parties and will not wage am election campaign that would be for the good of the people, rather what will be good for the party.

I see a spring election with a Harper majority, followed by four years of destructive policies that will rip the fabric of Canada, see Quebec finally leave confederation and a wholesale collapse of the nation, where the rich and powerful elites will control everything.

The Evil Eye sees evil days ahead.