Thursday, December 31, 2009

Obama Faltering? Hesitant?

Konrad Yakabuski has written another excellent editorial commentary in the Globe this morning.

He questions President Obama's resolve and clarity when it comes to matters of urgent national defense.

His central argument seems to be that Obama doesn't quite have the stomach for war-mongering or international conflict.

It's a worthy read.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I do not agree. What is he supposed to do? Drop some nukes on Nigeria?

It was Bush who let AlQueda fester in Afghanistan when he invaded Iraq on what is now tantamount to an illegal invasion, to secure Iraqi oil. For almost 8 years the Al Queda zealots have multiplied in pockets in the most ignorant and poor areas of the world.

The real problem is of course faulty intelligence (the mad bomber's Dad tried to turn him in) and the US security agencies seem to have fumbled the ball and the Airlines cut-throat pricing which gives pre flight screening very low priority.

What has happened is mass hysteria over an event that may be deemed as a failure............or is it.

We have just signaled Al Queda that even one of their followers even ignites himself in a passenger airplane, billions of dollars are lost with the results.

One wonders if economic warfare is the real aim?

Evil Eye

Jeff Taylor said...

I totally, 100 percent disagree with the thought that Obama doesn't have the resolve. However, I can understand why some people think that. Some think that because they are used to watching and listening to Bush and the like. I'll take 'thought' rather than over-reaction any day.

Gerry Verrier said...

Why doesn't someone strap a bomb to Dick Cheney's ankle, stick him on an empty plane and set the auto-pilot to fly to the Pakistan/Afghan border region?