Thursday, December 31, 2009



Anonymous said...

This is nothing new. I remember reading about compressed air cars developed in South Africa over 10 years ago.
As for the perpetual motion idea, it does'nt make any sense.
Energy is still required to produce compressed air to run a compressor.
It is possible to produce compressed air from regenerative braking systems. Such systems are already being developed for commercial vehicles.

Jeff Taylor said...

The Middle East and the various BIG oil companies will kill any and all things that make more sense than gas/oil. It's called dollars and NOTHING will be allowed to get in the way of those.

Anonymous said...

David, compressed air engines have been around a long time. Some compressed air (fireless)locomotives were used in coal mines since the 1860 and in some instances are safer than battery loco's today (no spark).

All is happened, is someone has refined a compressed air engine for autos.