Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Jim Sinclair, the President of the B.C. Federation of Labour is a good friend.

Once again, Sinclair has called for a $10 minimum wage.

Quebec just raised its minimum to $9.50.

Ours has been frozen at $8 since 2001.

As you all know, not much has changed in the world economy since then.



Except for Premier Gordon Campbell's take home.

It's only gone up more than 100%.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog David, but my blood pressure is being negatively affected by the pictures you keep posting of our 'Dear Leader'. I just can't take it. Please, have pity on your faithful readers and make use of face-blurring technology so we don't have to look at his smarmy, s**t-eating grin.


David Berner said...

Dear Dear Mo,


You gave me my first really big laugh of the day.

I know you are serious...he is such a putz...but it is funny...



Bill Tieleman said...

David - is your headline "Traitor" from below misplaced?

Anonymous said...

In related news,

From today's Vancouver Courier -

Charities are struggling to keep up with skyrocketing demand for services (such as Christmas Hampers).

I guess all these low paying jobs that aren't keeping up with soaring rents/housing charges and increased costs for EVERYTHING is creating a growing need for charities.

The only thing is - the charities are supported by working people and middle class -which is also seeing their disposable income eroding to the point where they might be cutting down on their charitable giving...

If people were paid a livable wage, there would not be need for such reliance on charity.

And if people were paid a livable wage, there would be more contributions to charities (so the most vulnerable would have more relief).

Someone please explain this to our idiot Premier.

Anonymous said...

David, if I might suggest Libs, NDP it dont matter. We have a level of taxation that equals poverty at any wage rate.

Jeff Taylor said...

As of March 31st 2010, minimum wage in Ontario will be $10.25 per hour. With the over-all cost of living being a little cheaper in Toronto than it is in Vancouver, one just might be able to live on it - with a roommate of course !

Anonymous said...

Poverty at any rate?

The impoverished millionaire!
Another BC first!