Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Get Serious

I don't care who built that thing beside the Burrard Street Bridge.

It is ugly and visually offensive.

If it was built by Chassidic Rabbis, Scottish railroad barons, Chinese labourers or land owners, retired show business executives or my Aunt Tilly, it sucks big time.

I drove over the Bridge twice yesterday and twice I was almost shocked by the billboard's aesthetic incongruity.

This perfectly Vancouver scene of rain and grey skies and English Bay and some bare trees and the occasional apartment block suddenly banged into the background by REDS AND BLUES IN ELECTRONIC TECHNOWARP.

Baaaaaaaaad move, folks.

By the way, no file photo that I can find to date does this desecration justice.

I may have to go take my own pic and show it to those of you who have opinions based on theory and not on seeing the full enormity of this garbage.


Anonymous said...

I work close by the bridge and unfortunately see this monstrosity every time I look out the west window.


Anonymous said...

Next, we will get rid of all the ugly people in Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Looks like something out of 1984.

Anonymous said...

a bigger eyesore stands on top of Grouse mountain.

Jeff Taylor said...

I still, don't have a problem with this sign. I still think some good can come form it's installation. Time will tell.

David Berner said...


You don't have a problem with this sign because you haven't seen it.

Drive past it every day and it will very quickly become a poke in your eye.