Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Bird in the Sky

Carbon laminates.

Carbon sandwich.


Not only that but it carries 270 people, has larger tinted windows and costs one-third less to operate (read burn fuel) than previous conventional aluminum bodied jetliners.

Which is why the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner is being hailed as "a game changer."

While the Punch 'n Judy Show is holding every one's attention in Copenhagen, scientists and engineers have been doing at least one right thing about reducing some one's "footprint."

I admit it.

I am an airplane nut.

And I am excited to see this baby being released for public viewing.

Although two years late in being brought forth, it is expected to be in full production and on your flight schedules within the year.

I can't wait.


Keith said...

could it be coincidence that warmer temperatures recorded in the last 40 years, are the result of thousands of jets flying daily, leaving a blanket of carbon dioxide at higher altitudes?
CO2 emitted at ground level is heavier than air, and is more likely to settle back to earth.

Keith said...

Danny Kaye "Wonderful Copenhagen"

Jeff Taylor said...

David, last night I saw a story about this jetliner on local Toronto news. If the one that was actually featured in the story is anything like the actual ones that will be flying for Air Canada (they've bought a whack of them), I'll book a seat - even on Air Canada ! Beautiful.