Friday, March 12, 2010

Just Stop it, You Two

Oh, look.

A B.C. Provincial government is union-busting.

B.C. Health Minister proposes ambulance shakeup

Paramedics could be rolled into new union, but that's a way to break up their local, CUPE official says

What is this - the '60's?

I've now been here in Vancouver almost 50 years.

As long as I can remember, this kind of headline has been a staple.

Can these two groups - government and unions - ever get along in Frontier Land?

I guess that'll happen when the Israelis and the Arabs get it together.

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Anonymous said...

David, Ive been a union member since 1974. Ive been in three different unions at two different jobs. In the 70s 80 and part of the 90s unions seemed relevant and useful. But like everything in BC there is no middle of the road. Polar opposites. The unions much like the NDP seemed to loose their direction and forget why they existed . FOR THE WORKING MAN . Due to political correctness, affirmative action, or even the idea of multiculturalism todays unions spend way to much time and money on everything except the working man.

Just a hint. If the NDP and the union movement want to regain some power and credibility in this province they might have to act outside the box.

The ambulance drivers and their union should have gone on strike and if needed broke the law when ordered to keep working. The NDP should be screaming to the unions that they made a huge mistake by attempting to be middle of the road. The NDP should be pushing the labor movement to stand up and fight for their rights.