Friday, March 12, 2010

Sshhhh...we're making money here!

Big Pharma sells billions of dollars of product to the Ontario Government.

To sweeten the deal, Pharma gives Ontario huge rebates - some rumoured at 40% or better.

That's called doing business.

But, lest other buyers all round the drug-addicted world complain and want maybe a similar deal, Pharma and Ontario carry out their transactions under the famous Cone of Silence.

That's also called doing business.

Now, a bunch of nasty, selfish truth-tellers want this info out in public.

The frightening argument is that this is tax money, public money, that is being spent.

Lots of public money.

God forbid the public should ever know how its money is being handled.

Pharma is now running around with great big black hoodies, trying to shushhh everybody up, lest word get out that they really make such enormous profits that they can easily discount - if the order if large enough, Serge - by almost half.

Keep in mind that pharmaceuticals comprise the biggest single charge in our bloated GDP-devouring health care budgets.

God forbid there might be any transparency in this bazaar.

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Norman Farrell said...

Now David, if pharmaceuticals really were a substantial drag on our medical system, Kevin Falcon would be working so hard on changing the situation that he wouldn't even have time to comb his hair.

Kevin is so keen to improve the financial state of healthcare that he is even willing to privatize paramedics and ambulances. Soon he'll be introducing America's largest fleet to BC. That would be AMR, which you might remember is associated with the mighty Schwartz/Reisman empire.