Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cash & Miscarry


You might want to start carrying a lot of cash with you the next time you venture down to the BC Ferry terminal in your neck of the woods.

Seems the high-priced talent from the New York airline business who now runs our system, David Hahn, (Well, when I say "our" maybe this is wishful thinking at best...) can't quite get a handle on securing our credit card information.

Seems that if you make a few transactions with BC Ferries, like say paying for your car and you and your partner and then splurging on a burger and fries and a coke and maybe a newspaper and a book of crossword puzzles, why then pretty soon there are about 3,000 unprotected pieces of secret information about your credit card roaming around out there in cyberspace where any average crook can hack and use, hack and use.

Gary Mason, as he often does, has all the rich comic details today.

But, as he reassuringly points out, no sweat.

Everything will be tickettiboo by...well, say, by October or November.

Meantime, kids - carry cash.

1 comment:

RossK said...

But David--

There is absolutely no way to get-gouged.....errrr....make a reservation so that you can actually get on a ferry with the wife and kids and car without using the plastic.

And the way Mr. Hahn has ratched up the percentage of spaces held only for those who have submitted themselves to said gouging there is absolutely no way you will get on a ferry without out one....

And what other transportation service charges you more for making your reservation ahead of time anyway?