Saturday, April 10, 2010

Say It Isn't So

The Donner Prize is given every year for best new book on Canadian public policy.

On the list this year is "Who Owns the Arctic?: Understanding Sovereignty Disputes in the North," by Michael Byers.

Byers is a friend whose work I admire, so I pleased to see him on the list.

Way beyond not pleased is how I might describe my reaction to another possible winner.

Actually being considered by the Donner jury - and thus disqualifying themselves from the world of common sense, let alone an understanding of public policy - is a fake non-book allegedly written by Larry Campbell, Neil Boyd and Lori Culbert.

This piece, which to date has sold about seven deserving copies, is called "A Thousand Dreams: Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and the Fight for its Future."

Even the title is a deceit.

The book, written by Sun reporter Culbert, is really all about that great contribution to humanity, the Insite safe injection site.

This drivel - an attempt to legitimize and enshrine truly bad public policy in Christmas wrapping - may or may not win the prestigious award for which it is so inappropriately nominated.

But you can be assured of finding bent and broken copies in remainder bins at bargain prices soon.

As for Campbell and Boyd, they are - praise the Lord - safely tucked away in Really Big Institutions (the Senate and SFU) where they can do the least public harm.

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Anonymous said...

If insite is a good idea why not expand the program.

Instead of a little store front on Hastings find a strip mall and open up as many shops as needed.
insite for illegal drug users
cheers for alcoholics and drunk drivers
Chucky sleaze for pedophiles
Modern bruised brides for spousal abusers.
Drive bye for all our gangster friends.

Then make it so that those that use the mall can get in but cant get out. Kind of like a roach hotlel from raid. Then when its full put a fence around it and call it a jail.

Then build a bigger mall....