Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life Under the Big Top

Yesterday, I wrote in this space about the Narcissistic Sociopath Couple of the Decade.

Today they are front-pagers across the land.

The charges and allegations and rumours are all busily swirling about.

The basic notion seems to be that Helena and Rahim - no doubt on their way to their own highly popular reality TV show - like to use what used to be her office to get biz for him.

All of which would just be amusing nonsense and not much different from watching animals in a zoo throw veggies at one another, were it for one fact and one consideration.

The fact: Ottawa, with a full agenda on its plate, has effectively ground to a halt. Surrounded by scandal, the PM will be unable to do much else for the next few days.


The consideration: This idiocy is the tip of what iceberg?

Yes, Helena and Rahim are uniquely challenged, but with so many free-loaders on Parliament Hill, one has to ask, "How many others are handing out Blackberrys on street corners? How many others are charging handbags and sports warm-up suits as political expenses? How many others routinely promise or have their spouses promise special access to the Mint?"

What ever happened to the quaint notion of "public service?"

When did this get replaced with Let's Bleed All We Can out of this Circus While the Bleeding's Good?

Maybe it was always thus.

Maybe we've been duped by the rare and occasional Good Member of Parliament in to thinking that that was the norm.

Now, back to Helena and Rahim!

On today's show, Helena buys a poodle and writes it off as a campaign expense for "security," and Rahim takes a number of foreign dignitaries to lunch where he shows them photos of himself lounging poolside with the Prime Minister recently.

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David in North Burnaby BC said...

"What ever happened to the quaint notion of "public service?""

Somewhere along the way it got "quaint".
The thing that really rots my socks about this sort of thing is the way we're always told that all the pay, perks, pensions etc lavished on such "public servants" are necessary to ensure we get only the very best for our "public servants".
And how, as the knowing ones say, is that working out?
Politics should not be a lucrative lifetime career.