Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nice Run

Kash Heed has done the right thing in stepping down as BC Solicitor-General while the RCMP check out alleged violations of the election Act in Heed's campaign office.

He was a good cop and we will hope that he is cleared and he can get back to work.

But this is not a good run for Mr. Campbell's picks for the office over recent years.

Mr. Heed is the third consecutive B.C. solicitor general forced out of office due to legal matters.

John Les resigned in 2008 amid disclosures he was caught in an RCMP investigation over land deals while he was mayor of the Fraser Valley city of Chilliwack. John van Dongen quit in April, 2009, over the disclosure that speeding tickets had cost him his drivers’ license.

You probably don't want to ask Gord's advice on which pony to back in the third at Belmont next week.

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David in North Burnaby BC said...

I was impressed with Heed until he joined up with Gordie, then I started to wonder. Then he got into Gordie's cabinet and immediately did that hard 180 on giving the RCMP the boot. Fell right into line. Sounded like such a politician doing it too. That was pretty much the end of my respect for Heed. I couldn't care less if someone pulled some fast one with the cost of some pamphlets or something frankly. If that was the worst the Campbell crew were up to ...