Sunday, October 5, 2008

Am I feeling more safe now?

Why has the City of Vancouver - especially during a lame duck period leading to a general election - voted to hire more private security guards in their silly "Ambassador" program?

Why is this contract UNTENDERED?

Who owns Genesis Security?

This is not a good, clean family story, kids.

Look deeper.

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Anonymous said...

Now let me get this right. Vancouver's NPA 'set up' a private 'army' without tender. For what purpose? Did they shortchange the police department to create this new group? Smacks of something that happened in Europe in the 30's that led to WWII. Then we have a preplanned use of the RCMP at a political rally re Cadman to keep the media at bay. Just what the hell is going on anyway? Whatever it is it is truly scary.

Anonymous said...

I am aware of an academic who has had "talks" with various decision makers, with the hope of employing graduate students in the role of these Ambasadors. People are always angling to have something work for them regardless of whether or not the concept itself actually works and heedless of the outcome or, in the parliance of the day, the outcomes.

Anonymous said...

Camil Dubuc is the owner of Genesis Security.

Here's his blog:

Any other background information...I'd be glad to hear!

Anonymous said...

Once again the city of Vancouver thumbs its nose at us. The allowed the Port of Vancouver to get rid of the pesky Harbor Police. They replaced a real police force with an unarmed meaningless private security company.

Anonymous said...

He related an anecdote about observing one guard at work recently in Yaletown, where the guard rousted a man sleeping on a park bench to let him know he was free to sit upright but not lay down, since "others might want to use the bench." Mayor Sullivan's defence that the $872,000.00 of Taxpayer's money is an excellent investment.

Cheers, Gary

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the reporter mention the rousting of homeless where all their goods are taken away, shoved in a bin, and oftem, left with no ID?
The Port currently is staffed by the VPD, RCMP, and FBI. All paid for by Vancouver taxpayers. When the Port Police were in charge, the Port paid the bill. The Port Police did an excellent job of tracking down criminals due to their excellent intelligence networks. Now, kiddies, guess who is really running the Port? And it ain't Santa Claus. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Could it be an attempt to drive down the wages of our police? (I bet many cops think so.)

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"Now, kiddies, guess who is really running the Port? And it ain't Santa Claus. Cheers."

That's why the change was made, the Port Police were too good at their job.