Sunday, October 5, 2008

Out of Control

"Palin says Obama friendly with terrorists"

If that headline doesn't make clear the narrow, shallow guttersnipe character of this appalling candidate, what ever will?

Perhaps she and McCain are desparate.

Even so, they abandon all dignity with this kind of attack.

This abomination speaks clearly about their fitness for high public office.

The entire story from this morning's Province can be read here.

Go ahead, defend her. Defend this. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Read Orwell for your answer I guess. Only an idiot would vote to put this woman anywhere near the the US presidency.

Anonymous said...

Two of my neighbours here in the delta expressed admiration for this wretch. One claimed Obama is a Muslim (God bless the Republican spinners); the other claimed she is a true Christian. Goodness knows how the NATIONAL ENQUIRER got all that good stuff in their World Exclusive Oct. 6,2008 issue "Sarah Palin's Other Man Revealed!" She hunts moose that are two legged. Cheers.