Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gone, but not for cheap...

The Provincial by-elections being held on October 29th in Burrard and Fairview present a good object lesson in civics.

The Burrard seat has been vacated by Lorne Mayencourt so that he can run for federal office, the Fairview seat by Gregor Robertson so that he can run for Mayor of Vancouver.

Both are honorable men and may in time serve their communities well, as they may have already.


As a principle, I always find this move suspect and unattractive.

The simple truths are these:

The Jenny Kwans, Stephen Owens, Lorne Mayencourts and Gregor Robertsons vacate their elected offices entirely for reasons that are selfish and ego-gratifying.

These people have been elected by their public and neighbours and are honor-bound to fulfill the terms of their offices.

By-elections cost upwards of $300,000 per seat. Do any of these wanderers offer to pay the tab?

It is fascinating to watch the public by and large forget all of these concerns and get caught up in The New Thing.

But how is it possible to take seriously the fresh promises?

And yes, I have Abandonment Issues.



Steve said...

The real question: what is Mayencourt going to do after he loses?

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Politicians are crass, ego-driven opportunists. Gosh, I learn something new ever day.
I'll file this alongside 'water is wet'.
Thanks, "Dave". ;-)