Thursday, October 9, 2008

Clean it Up

There are no less than three separate stories in the sports section today about the possible involvement of various National Football League players in major crimes, each with the added attraction of violence.

This is to date a taboo subject.

I have yet to see or read or hear a major journalistic piece covering what has become common and unhappy knowledge.

There exists in the NFL, and perhaps other major league sports, a criminal subculture that can barely contain itself in public.

The NFL is the most successful sports league in America if not the world. I believe the Dallas Cowboys franchise was listed recently at a book value of $1Billion US.

Little wonder then that the league is not rushing to air its dirty linen. But air it, they must.

Of course, steroid use is commonplace and has been for decades. That goes without saying.

But now, a great many players are gun-packing punk hoods and the NFL might want to give a good thought to how much they want this kind of citizen representing them.

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