Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quote of the Day, #1

"Can I say this is more important that health care, this is more important than education or climate change and all the other legislative matters that are on the calendar?" he asked, denying suggestions that new legislation could have been passed if the government had not cancelled a fall session of the legislature.

"Even if we had a fall session, this would not be ready for legislation."

Monsieur Opaque has spoken.

Anyone who works for a living deals with at least seven different files a day.

Is this man who poses as the Attorney-General of the province task-challenged?

When my daughter was 11, she talked on the phone, watched TV and did her homework all while sitting cross-legged at the foot of our bed.

Wally can't handle two issues on the same day?


Even the editorial writers at the Sun have challenged Oppal's refusal to get on with the job of revising the Lobbying legislation.

Then there are Patrick Kinsella and Mark Jiles who refused through their lawyer to cooperate with David Loukadelis' investigation of a complaint from an NDP MLA.

Which makes them first class citizens, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Wally Opal is a disgrace, an embarrassment. He can't grasp legal issues and has turned into a Campbell lackey. So sad to ends ones career on such a low note. In more honourable countries he would either resign or fall on is sword.

The Campbell Government legacy is one of lies, deceit, incompetence and secrecy. The Attorney General should be above all this, but he is not and is nothing but complete and utter failure.

I am embarrassed to live in BC. I am embarrassed to be a Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Who is paying their lawyers for this insult?

Anonymous said...

Ran in to Wandering Wally in Tsa. last weekend. Told him I am a journalist so he should watch what he says. He said "I have a great relationship with journalists." I said " Yeah, right, all you ever say is "I cannot comment. The matter is before the courts." He stared at me, stunned. So I said here's a question, "Who's gonna win the election." "Conservatives"
Oh well. what can you do. I voted NDP and encourage everyone to do so. Even sent a message to my cousin in Africa who votes in Quebec. Gave her many reasons not to vote for Harper in Que. She responded--sent it to everyone on her list.
Wally is divorced, lives in Van., seems to be on meds. He and his ilk gotta go. Cheers.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"Even the editorial writers at the Sun have challenged Oppal's refusal to get on with the job of revising the Lobbying legislation."

Well, that oughta do it. hahaha...
Wally's gotta go (I keep repeating that.)