Thursday, October 9, 2008

More on VANOC and their deep concern for all

Dear David,

As soon as I heard about Right to Play on the CBC television news, I fired
off this letter to the Sun, the Province and the CBC. Perhaps I was too
quick as the print story had not yet appeared. In any event, it went
nowhere. If you are able to use it in anyway - please feel free.

Warmest regards,
Jillian Skeet
(International Affairs Consultant and Cambie Resident)

Nothing demonstrates the spiritual bankruptcy of the 2010 Olympic games more
than the recent news that "Right to Play" is being excluded from the Olympic
Village due to organizers' concerns that they will compete for sponsorship

"Right to Play" is a wonderful organization that has the support and
involvement of Canadian athletes and Olympians. It provides sports
equipment and facilities for children living in some of the most deprived
circumstances on our planet. It believes that all children have a right and
a need to play. And it's probably the cheapest and easiest form of therapy
that we can offer to children damaged by appalling poverty and war - not to
mention a way to ensure that Olympic dreams are accessible to all the
world's children, no matter how humble their beginnings.

As a British Columbian, I shudder to think what we will be showcasing to the
world in a year and a half. The world will see a province with the highest
child poverty rate in Canada and horrific levels of homelessness, crime and
addiction. They will be told of all the cutbacks to programmes and services
for our most vulnerable citizens and how businesses were left to die along
Cambie to make way for the new Olympic super-train, while greedy developers
snapped up the bankrupt properties in true disaster capitalism.

In short, they will see a province without a heart or a soul, and no clue as
to the true Olympic spirit.

Jillian Skeet


Anonymous said...

With any luck at all the Olympics won't happen. This is a global recession and no one has a clue how long it will last. BC invested heavily in sub-prime mortgages.

Cheers (all over the place!)

Anonymous said...

The Olympics will happen; the IOC are just world class whores; even old Adolf had the Olympics.

Campbell and VANOC have turned 2010 into a charade,; a developers paradise. But wait, the chill winds of a global recession may do what the anti 2010 crowd could not do - disrupt the event.

More and more i am becoming disenchanted with Campbell, BC - the whole damn lot.

My mother, who is in care and makes a grand total of $1,150 a month, must pay $54 MSP premiums! Campbell and motley crew of ne'er do wells have raped this province and the Olympics is the crowning achievement of a vacuous Premier which finds going to Maui more important than running the province.

What the world will see is a tawdry little place, with tacky residents, oblivious to the new realities - a true Lotus Land.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"... no clue as
to the true Olympic spirit."

The Olympic spirit is greed, and Gordie Campbell and his pals excel at that. Gold medals all around in the 'shoveling taxpayers' money into your bank acct' event.

nachtwache said...

I might go against all I believe and actually vote NDP in the next provincial election, unless we get a third viable party going. Or maybe throw my vote to one of the existing, small parties. We need to get more than the two we have. Neither are a good choice.