Friday, October 9, 2009


Gordon Campbell likes the world to know that he reads a lot.

That's nice.

How then does he explain the following?

The Arts and Culture branch of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts has cut all provincial funding from the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia (ABPBC), BC BookWorld newspaper and the B.C. Association of Magazine Publishers (BCAMP).

The amounts are minuscule ($45,000 from one agency, $31,000 from another), but they are enormous to the folks left holding the empty library bags.

The Olympics and all its obscene expenditures run on like a driver less Hummer in fifth gear, but support for books and publishing is gone without even a day's notice.

Gordon Campbell has become the Slum Landlord of the Mind.

If this man had any judgement whatsoever, he has now clearly lost it.

May we please elect another government.



Anonymous said...

The difference . . .the egomaniacal premier can afford to buy his own culture effects while the unwashed minions cannot . . . easy to see.

Anonymous said...

Does he have a mind? Ask Lara I guess.