Friday, October 9, 2009


The Province of BC has been busily spending hundreds of millions of dollars changing our health plans into computer info.


Except for the fraud now being charged against a doctor and a former top bureaucrat, who appear to have been helping themselves and their relatives to much of the spoils.

Where was the oversight?

At whose desk does the buck stop?

What is now called "eHealth" is all the rage in every jurisdiction in the western world.


Meanwhile try not to lose all the money to home-grown crooks.


Anonymous said...

There was once a comment about running a peanut stand way back WACB time. Well how things have changed. The bunch in Victoria can't seem to run a government without a lot of them having sticky fingers with public money. How many scandals does it take to bring down a government? One it seems for the NDP and an infinite number for the present band of carpetbaggers and their minions in the liberal (sic) party.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget ...

Former BC deputy health minister Dr. Penny Ballem received an untendered $30,000 contract for less than 100 hours work with Ontario's scandal-ridden eHealth program just before her appointment as the new City Manager of Vancouver.

Penny has some great ideas, which I support completely, but ... sheesh.