Friday, October 9, 2009


We've been talking the past few days about that Uber-Government, the IOC.

Today, we can focus on how they trump everything, even the Canadian Charter.

Girls want to jump.

Boys jump.

Why shouldn't girls.

Jump, as in off ski hills. As in, at Olympic events.

But the IOC in its omniscience has decided that boys, while they cannot cry, they can jump.

Girls cannot, must not jump.


Because they menstruate?

Because they have small ankles.

No one knows except that great scientist, Jaques Rogge. He sidelines as the IOC boss.

The courts here in Canada have already decided that the IOC decision to keep women from ski jumping is unconstitutional.

But, as we all know by now, the IOC is a law unto itself. And it could care less what Canadian Parliament or courts have to say in its matters.

And their great defender now is allegedly Canadian, Dick Pound-it-up-your-ass.


Jeff Taylor said...

How do any of the Canadian members of the IOC look at themselves in the mirror each morning. To a person, they claim that the Olympics are inclusive. Yeah, right !

Anonymous said...

Ski jumping is an elitist sport that is practiced only by the rich and privileged. The monstrous and expensive infrastructure needed to participate in it would bankrupt most small countries.

It should be replaced by a winter sport that has true cross-cultural and international appeal.

I vote for Snowball Fighting!

Anonymous said...

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff its all about the dollars, Euros, etc. When they look in the mirror they see MONEY.

Anonymous said...

Dick Pound-it-up-your-ass? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's mean, but it gave me my biggest laugh of the day. It's funny every time I read it. Thanks, David.