Friday, October 9, 2009


And speaking of the IOC (see below), while it is some kind of national crime to wear T-shirts that may laugh at the Olympics, it doesn't bother the IOC in the least that The Bay has done cheap and cheesy rip-offs of Cowichan designs in making their "official" 2010 sweaters.

The Bay says it is not a Cowichan sweater.

Yes, we can see that.

This is becoming downright Orwellian.

A sweater is only a sweater when we say it is.


Anonymous said...

First of all, why not a compromise in that the smaller organization be given the contract to supply the "original" sweater at a marked up price and the corporate siphons be given the right to distribute the cheaper knockoff's at a cheaper price. Win/win, no?

Secondly, why do they call it the "Olympic Uniform"? In my day as both a military man and a paramedic I always wore some sort of uniform which consisted of a maximum of one style of pant's shirt and jacket etc, not 40 different,"made for profit only" designs/items. That's not a 'uniform"

Anonymous said...

I agree with t-shirt comment. We should be able to wear a shirt with whatever we want written on it and to hell with VANOC and the city! In terms of the sweaters I don't care who makes them. Last time I checked nobody has a trademark to make a damn sweater..Of course natives will take every opportunity they have to bitch and moan!

Anonymous said...

Something about the Olympian Gods. They could be a very immoral lot and still be worshiped. Seems the present crew are using the same techniques. Worship our five rings or else.

Anonymous said...

Its becomming easy to be anti olympics. Ive been against the party for the rich and famous from the onset. We cant even write a blog entry unless its in support of the olympics. Well here goes. My Name is Doug Parks and I am totaly against the olympdicks. I have called talk shows and I am saddened by the amount of money that we have spent to entertain the rich and famous.The olympic legacy will be a few venues that we will have to maintain and at what cost? If all of this time and money had been spent on local school and community based sport programs the kids in BC would be looked after for many years. So bring on the RCMP David. But I own a bostich office stapler so I guess Im going to be tasered 5 times and have some goon kneel on my throat.

Anonymous said...

What individual owns a patent on the Cowichan sweater? Give me a break. My mom used to knit these for our whole family when I was a kid and we wore them everywhere with no negative feedback from anyone. By the way, the Four Host First Nations total only about 3,000 people (look it up - the 4 reserves have hardly any people) and yet they are trying to take over the Olympics. They've already got their image on the medals. I would like to see some BC lumberjacks on the medals or sweaters or reflected in the mascots. But I guess that's too anti-tree. Anyway, between this and the women not allowed to ski jump, I feel that as a white, Vancouver-born woman I am not at all represented in these Olympic Games. And just when I was told a few years back that it was okay for me to be empowered and to start to get a wee foothold in life, I am shoved backseat again to others.