Friday, October 9, 2009


Robert Dziekanski's mother has filed a lawsuit alleging excessive force and “cruel and unusual” treatment by the four RCMP officers who stunned her son with a Taser.

Zofia Cisowski is suing the four officers, the Canadian and British Columbia governments, and the Vancouver airport, where Mr. Dziekanski collapsed and died after being stunned by Mounties in October 2007.

The Crown did not charge the four RCMP officers who murdered Dziekanski, saying that they acted with reasonable force in the circumstances.

The famous Stapler Attack.

I approve entirely of this lawsuit.

The Goldman family found some small measure of satisfaction in suing that famous and beloved and innocent, non-killer, O.J. Simpson.

When all of the public officials involved in a clear miscarriage of justice walk away Scott free, a civil suit is appropriate and be the most reasonable remedy.


Jeff Taylor said...

RIGHT ON DAVID ! I hope this poor woman get tons of money. She lost her son because 4 armed RCMP officers assaulted her because he had a frigging stapler in his hands ! My main question is, are these 4 police officers going to keep their jobs ? and if so, will they carry weapons still ? God I hope not for everyone's sake.

Norman Farrell said...

Walter Kosteckyj offered to settle out of court but also suggested deferral of the suit until after Braidwood's report, if the defendants agreed to waive the two year time limit on filing civil suits in BC.

Of course, government lawyers won't settle this matter easily. There are years of fat fees to be earned from the inexhaustible public purse.

A more logical approach would be for the RCMP to accept responsibility, ask Braidwood to arbitrate the damages and close the files. Instead of $2 million in lawyers' fees, that would involve about $10,000.

Keep this in mind for when the GOC eventually settles. Lawyers collectively will keep 10 or 20 times what Zofia Cisowsky receives.